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You'll find here informations on photography and 3D images, explanations on the functioning of microstock web sites, as well as those offering personnally design on the basis of photography or images created.

You'll have access to various images search engines in small literary critics of my personal readings on all subjects of this site, and also a small gallery showing you what I do. Enjoy ...

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Website update and book review on Blender 3D

2016, the 3td of april

This website exist for six years now, it's time to change for a new look! Completely revised version will then make its appearance here in... some time! ;-)
Joking aside, I just started this work, with the intention to fully exploit the couple HTML5 and CSS3 because you can't get away in a modern website. So I think put online the new version before the end of April, if all does well!

To make you wait, here's a book review on Blender 3D...

Livre Blender 3D This is the book with which I started in the use of Blender 3D, and it's excellent! It starts really from zero, it's the principle of this collection, so it's perfect for beginners. Even if you already know a 3D software, which was my case, Blender 3D has a working interface a bit special and this book has played his role to perfection !

Its structure is linear, it starts with Chapter 1 and then continues, I don't recommend to try pecking bits of information from here and there, it isn't designed for that! But, once you've read it in full you can come back without a problem.

Personally, I've read (and practiced!) this book about ten to twelve days, having three to four hours per day. At the end, you have a good foundation for the use of this superb free software what Blender 3D, in version 2.77 the date of this article. To improve yourself, there are other books, but especially huge amounts of tutorials on the web, and it's better to understand after reading this book ... ;-)
And I'm sorry but this book exist only in french for now...


Book review of a French illustrator

2013, the 18th of march

It was quite a long time that I hadn't posted book review, so here are a new one...

Livre Corpus Delicti This time, after several books of photographic techniques, it will be an Artbook of a French illustrator, Serge Birault, that I love the style!

This book is a very good print quality, which is well worth the beautiful illustrations. The author explains his journey, and some of these drawing digital techniques! All texts are in French and English...
We also understand that before being a good digital illustrator, you must be first a good artist on paper, the computer is only a tool, it will never drawing at our place! ;-)
The last chapter is a detailed tutorial of a complete digital illustration, sketching and photo media to the final image. In short, this book is superb and if you like his style (his blog here: don't hesitate, treat yourself!


Results of 2012

2013, the 20th of january

First, although it's a little late, I wish you a Happy New Year 2013 to all of you!
So what's up since all this time ... (shame on me) Well, the end of year 2012 with a lot of sales, in fact I done a mini review of the past year, it may help you make your choice on Microstocks where you want to sell.

My results increased by 20% while my number of sales decreased by 12%! Knowing that most of my portfolios rose between 15 and 25% depending on the case.
In fact, the overall average of all microstocks for my selling price to the image is increased from €0.44 to €0.62 in 2011 to 2012! And as Shutterstock is the only microstock where I changed level, it means that I sold considerably less subscription and that's great!

Finally here is my top5 value (of 20 Microstocks)
1st => Shutterstock (as usual, very much)
2nd => Fotolia
3rd => Spreadshirt (it's still interesting goodies)
4th => Zazzle (still goodies ...)
5th => 123RF (it has better market in 2012)

and number of sales is rather
1st => Shutterstock (as always ...)
2nd => PhotoSpin (but the price is still the image flush daisies ... that is to say 0.2 € for me)
3rd => Fotolia
4th => 123RF
5th => DepositPhotos (also worked well in 2012 because I doubled my sales too but subscription ...)

So, as you can see, the number of sales is not everything, it's the sale price that counts! Hoping that 2013 will be even better!

See you soon ...

Another search engine

2012, the 23th of november

One small news today, in my research section you will find a new images search engine.
The database of over 3 million images (today), it is not huge but it can be useful, which is why I added it to my site! I hope it will serve you.

A Microstock more !

2012, the 6th of november

Image Bank Hi all, then what's up since all this time... I found this microstock Photaki, that I didn't know there a fortnight, according to the information I could find it's Spanish.

They are as microstock since 2009, but apparently they exist since 2001, because at the beginning it was just an images bank on Spain but they have evolved and now they have about 700,000 images online.
I could see that there was some VIP of the domain Yuri Arcurs, Iofoto and Elena Elisseeva, so it's a good sign!

To enter, you must provide 10 images and get a 7/10 to access their site. It's pretty easy to get (I accepted at the first test) and then they are not very difficult for validations, I have already proposed more than 600 images and I have an acceptance rate of 90% cool...
Referencing is fast enough, they manage IPTC and there are few categories, for example with fifty images, a small 1/2h and it's done. Validation is also quite fast, every 50 to 100 images, they treat it in about 24 hours (even on Saturdays)

And for pay, apparently it's 50% commission, which can reach up to 80% if the picture is selling well! They work a little like Dreamstime it's managed frame by frame, up to 4 downloads it's 50%, from 5 to 9 it's 60%, from 10 to 14 it's 70%, and beyond 15 download it's 80%!
Finally, they pay by Paypal from 50€, yes Euros because they are Spanish so it's interesting for us Europeans!

So, is that it sells? I don't know, in a fortnight, I've 580 images online and no sales yet, but hey, everyone is not called Shutterstock! ;) But, there are lot of visitors I have already more than 1300 visits to my images, so to be continued...

It's finish for today, see you soon!

Some more Goodies

2012, the 30th of july

Today, a small news just to let you know the existence of another site of Goodies, where you can find t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, accessories, etc. ... This site is Spreadshirt.

Everything is, of course, visible on my page Goodies

See yoo soon...

From Lightwave to Blender...

2012, the 24th of july

Blender logo For those not familiar with these software, they are both intended to create images and / or 3D animation, in the style of the saga "Shrek", or "Ice Age" for example... See the page dedicated to 3D images for further explanation.

Well, why change? Several reasons, firstly I think Lightwave has failed to evolve so much, even with version 11 just released. Of course, it's only my opinion, but I find the interface quite archaic and less intuitive! Yet I use it for years ...
Then the new functions are often quite limited, see buggy, and not sufficiently integrated into the interface, thus their use is laborious ... Besides the management system of dynamic objects together is a pain to configure, the particle system is really basic for an app of 2012, and managing character fonts to make text in relief is ... bad! In short a small number of grievances that end up being painful!

Turning to Blender, I had heard long ago, but I'd never really tested. So this time I made the effort to put myself seriously for several weeks, and well what a slap!
Once past the surprise of the interface that appears a bit strange at first, after a few days of use, it's found very thoughtful! Knowing that she's fully configurable for those who want to arrange it otherwise, but I didn't go so far...
But there must have a large screen, minimum 22 inches, but this is the same problem with all software there are complex in view of the amount of features! ;)

Speaking of functions, frankly it has everything a modern 3D software needed, and more! All that is necessary for image types that I make are present, powerful, well thought out and intuitive, it changes me...
For more details, I refer you to the Official Blender site where you get all that's needed! ;)

The final argument: the price! Lightwave costs about $ 1,000 (excluding promotions) and Blender ... nothing! This is software from the open source world and therefore free to use, you can of course make a donation to the Blender foundation if you wish.
On one side so I had Lightwave, paying, which I was less happy, and the other, there is Blender, powerful and free! It's done, I changed!! In addition, I can count on formats .obj or .3ds to reuse all my Lightwave objects bank that I created over the years.
Sure, it's necessary to rebuild the textures in Blender way, but it doesn't bother me, a bit of refurbishment doesn't hurt once in a while ...

That's all, bye!

Finally accepted at iStockphoto!

2012, the 25st of april


It's been quite a while I was trying to be accepted among the best known of microstocks, I named iStockphoto! Well it's done! It took me no less than eight tests, but I got there! Like what you have to be persevering in life ...

So why this one more than another? Just because it's the world leader of the activity of microstocks! They have significantly fewer pictures than the others, still more than 9 million (2012-04-25), but they require a quality and creativity very significantly higher than all others. So they have more customers looking for quality, which is great for progress.

In practice, they limit the number of images that can be offered per week, only 18 at the start, then when your sales increase, the number of images you can offer also increases.
Regarding the royalties, you start to 15% in non-exclusive, or 25% in exclusive mode (if you fancy), and it goes up by step with your sales, up 20 % in non-exclusive and 45% in exclusive. This may seem small compared to other microstocks, but be aware that in iStockphoto the start of sales can be slow (a lot of months), but once it started with three, four times less images of Fotolia for example, you have as much (maybe more) in turnover

Last practical advice for those who attempt the adventure, we must propose three images with three different styles REALLY to the minimum resolution (1600x1200), it's better! Then, once accepted, only offer images high quality, why don't hesitate to offer a very good image in only 5MP, rather than an average image into 12MP. Because the small may be accepted, but the greater will be rejected ruthlessly! But they explain very precisely the reject and specify reasons for each image, and if you can represent it or not.

Well, that's all for this time, see you ...

Microstock review and other things...

2012, the 1st of march

Stock Photos I'm signed in on another microstock which exist since some years, it's CanStockPhoto. They're a database with more than 6 million of images and more than 130,000 footages. They're the particularity of validate picture extremely quickly, in few hours max it's done! In this website, I've a validation rate around 85% of my images, that's very good for me! From the footage, they take between 24 and 48 hours and they accept almost all, because they've very few for now...

They pay in Dollar, commissions are between 20 and 50%, its depend of using of the buyer, and subscriptions pay between $0.25 (Small to Large) and $0.35 (Xlarge and Vector). They use Paypal to pay you, always also easy! About sales, it isn't so big but commissions are interesting and the site is really easy to use, well... why not!
A small practical detail, no need to fill classes, they are only based on your keywords, you need to write them properly, but it saves a lot of time! You just specify "photo" or "illustration" and that's all. It's a good microstock website, easy and efficient that I recommend, you can just click on the sigle... ;-)

To finish, I added a new images search engine which search in around 2 million images, it's not so big but that increase your choice with all other engines...

That's all for today, see you soon.

Some updates of the website

2012, the 23th of february

Well, what's up since the last time... (shame on me!) Firstable, social networks connexions had changed, I'd erased MySpace because now it's less than 1% of the marketplace, it's too little to keep it.
I'd replaced it by a possibility of sharing with LinkedIn which increase all the time! I'd also added the new +1 system developped by Google. Finally, you've now four possibilities to share a news that you like on my site! And I'll stop here, because the goal isn't to have all social networks: too many icons and links! It isn't a good idea to read easily articles...

A complete checkup had done in the Microstock section, to update many informations of almost all the sites, I invite you to read completely, it's more easier! ;-)

Some news had also added in the "Deco & Other" section, you can go away to read it...

Incoming (quickly...), reviews of new microstock sites where I've signed in and another image search engine will add to the others.
See you next time...

A book about technical of low light in photography

2011, the 14th of november

It was quite a while that I hadn't posted book review, so here are a new one...

Couverture livre Photographie Numerique de Nuit et en Faible Lumiere

Another book by the author-photographer Michael Freeman entitled "Digital Photography with Night and Low Light". Long reserved for specialists, photography in low light has now become accessible to the amateur with advances in digital photography.

The author mix postproduction to the techniques of shooting. Photography in low light located to the limits of acceptable imaging, much work must be done with specialized software. It's therefore essential to know, from the shot, how the shadows lead or retrieve details in the lantern of a street lamp...
You'll discover in this book hardware and software needed to create beautiful images. You'll also receive technical advice from Michael Freeman, from the estimation of ISO to the correct use of lighting. For example, great pictures (sunrises and sunsets, urban landscapes sparkling moonlight) illustrate the book.
Finally, you'll learn how they were taken and reworked by step so you can achieve the same result.
This book is very interesting to read, especially if you like that sort of atmosphere for your photos!

See you soon.

A new images search engine added

2011, the 26th of october

That's a 5th images search engine which adding in the "search" section! This one allow you to search into a database of more than 10 million images, that's already cool.
But they are a "Celebrities" category, if you need some photos of very known peoples, you can use it for that.

Another news, since last summer, the website of microstock "123RF" sell more and more! In only two months, I sold the same number of picture that the last six months, very cool!

I've also change the look of the website and now I use the winter colors! Well, I know that we're still in autumn, but cold already become and Christmas are not so far...

See you next time.

A new microstock website : Pixmac

2011, the 29th of august

Stock Photos Pixmac It's a microstock European site (for once) this is Pixmac, and they are in the Czech Republic. But this is not a small site, because there are more than 10 million images online and they have existed since late 2008.

Commissions are interesting: 30% up to $ 200 (of sales) and 40% thereafter. They sell all kinds of images, note the possibility of selling editorial images, which is handy for street pics, or crowd!
It's possible to work exclusively with them, it will give you 10% more commission. Their site is in English, German, Spanish and of course, Czech. The image selection is not too strict, personally I have about 90% of images accepted which is really a good score.
Little detail, they pay in dollars, it's unfortunate given the current change rate, but never mind.

Latest news today, you will now find a small section "goodies" where you can see all the products I make from my pictures 3d and some of my pictures.

After that, see you ...

BigStockPhoto increase amount of commissions!

2011, the 10th of july

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

It's rare enough that I'll notify you, the microstock BigStockPhoto has just increased the amount of commission they pay back their contributors! And it's interesting!
Older commissions were: S at $0.5, M at $1.0, L at $2.0, XL at $3.0, Vector at $3.0 and extended at $25.00

Now here's the new commissions currently in place: S at $0.9, M at $1.5, L at $2.7, XL at $3.9, Vector at $3.9 and extended at $29.7
As you can see, these are interesting increases! So why the change? According to their explanation, they simplified the fee schedule for buyers, but this year they were bought by another big microstock, this was ShutterStock. The latter having a database of images almost twice as large, they must want to grow the base of BigStock, and to encourage contributors to put more images, they have chosen this solution. Personally, I think that's cool!

That's all for today, see you soon! becoming bilingual!

2011, the 28th of may

After some weeks of work, that's it, I finally translated my website! Starting today, you can see at the top left of every page, a small flag that lets you choose the language.
After a year of existence, it was time... After all, to provide information about the world of microstock who lives globalized, it seems wiser !

To celebrate that, after Twitter, I've now added a new button for fans to share MySpace this time, we could find it in all the site.

See you next time...

A little diversification

2011, the 22th of may

My shop on Zazzle

As you may have noticed, I'm always looking for new opportunities to enhance my images. So I put on this site : Zazzle to try to sell my logos and 3D images.
What's nice with this site is for only one design, you can decline more than 50 different products! T-shirts and sweatshirts of course, but mugs of several kinds, key chains, stationery, protective shells for Iphone and to IPAD, shoes, boards of skateboarding, etc. ... In short, lots of diversity, which is very interesting to sell this type of personalized products!

For now, I barely 1300 products online, and I made 2 sales... But this quantity is too low because Zazzle is global and the number of products offered for sale is really huge!!
According to the info I could find on forums, you can start making some sales on a regular basis when we reached the 4 to 5000 products. But it's not insurmountable, because their creation system very well thought out, you can create easily 150 to 200 products an hour's work (aside from the creation time of design of course).

I will continue to increase the size of my store and I could see how it goes! See you soon...

Little web site refresh...

2011, the 14th of may

Hula ... Frankly long delay since my last news ... Must say that in the meantime, I changed job and a good forty hours a busy week, it takes time a lot! ;-)

So, even updating, I just refreshed the graphics, I remade a pass on most pages, because some information was no longer valid too ... Small novelty: in addition to link-sharing Facebook, there is now that of Twitter which is also available for all the news and everywhere on the site.
The menu was also expanded because a new small section is in preparation, but shhh ... And I assure you, it will not delay this time! I also created a page "Old items" so that the homepage does not elongate indefinitely...

Lens Nikon 105mm AF-S VR f/2.8G

Photography side, although I also greatly slowed for now, I'm still offered a new lens: the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR is a superb macro lens. I hesitated a lot with the equivalent of 105mm from Sigma, but after all the tests I've read, the optical quality of Nikon is clearly superior, and in addition it has an integrated image stabilizer. When doing macro freehand (you don't always have your tripod with you...), this is a huge advantage!
In the end, I don't regret my purchase because the pictures he takes are really beautiful! I recommend it you without hesitation.

See you next time...

2011 best wishes and some news

2011, the 28th of january

Firstly, I wish you all my best wishes for this new year 2011, and full of good things! It's a bit late, but while one is in January, is still valid ... ;-)

What's new since last year? Some price changes on the site MostPhotos, they passed the uniform price with a single resolution at 3 different prices depending on the size of the image (original, medium and small). A subscription system for buyers has also emerged, with different rates depending on the volume of images purchased. Let's hope so that new pricing system be closer to the market will take off microstocks sales, because right now, it's not fantastic, far away ... But hey, it must know to be patient!

On the balance sheet of 2011, I continue to regularly supply all my portfolios on all microstock sites where I am now, as the case I'm somewhere between 300 and 500 images online. Not really enough to make a fortune, but it is always better than pictures sleeping in the deep of the hard drive! ;-)
So, in the category of sites of individually decorated (see this section for details), I'll leave things as is because it's very simple, I'm no sales in approximately one year!! So I leave this line there already, but I would spend more energy to supply these bases there.

Well, that's it for this time, see you soon!

Another search engine

2010, the 6th of december

A simple little new today, in my search section you can find a new image search engine, but not exclusively.
This one can also search textures, 3D tutorials, 3D objects, softwares, etc...
The database isn't huge, about 1.5 millions subjects (today), but it can still be practical, so I added it to my site! I hope it can help you.

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