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Photo du Nikon D300s

First, here is my current camera equipment: Nikon D300s SLR 12.2(Mp) sensor, zoom Nikkor 16-85mm DX -ED VR (picture at right for those who don't know).
It's currently the range "semi-professional" from Nikon in their range SLR, above you can find models with full-frame sensor, but the rates begin to rise very much...
I quickly bought the Grip Nikon MB-D10 to have more autonomy with an extra battery, but also more comfortable to handle this SLR, including vertical photography, which I practice a lot.
And finally, a tripod from Manfrotto which is really tough, because I use it since 2003 without any problem.
I also have 2 flashes like "Cobra" Metz 48AF-1 have a very good value for money and I'm very satisfied.
To complete all this, I also have a fixed focus lens to the macro photography, a Nikon 105mm f/2.8G AF-S VR, which has a final image quality is absolutely fabulous !
Finally, in the near future, I plan to buy a telephoto zoom lens, a 70-200mm, or a 70-300mm, to be continued...

This device is already more than enough to start doing photography "seriously". Personally, I do with this material mainly from photo of my travels, but also landscapes, towns (rather old stones and ruins) and finally some animals "easy" to shot (dogs, common birds, animals of the countryside).
But, I don't practice at all portraits and character in general, because it's not really my cup of tea!

Why did I come to microstock sites and custom design? It's simple, it has been since 2007 that I'm doing digital photography, before that I had a good old film SLR since 2002. I have always done a lot of pictures, and the arrival of digital has only increased my amount of pictures... My first idea was to show some, I also created a little blog for this, but I don't mind satisfied and as many times are tough, so why not try to exploit them a little?

I see several advantages in addition to some small income that may possibly generate, since it takes several thousands of images online to hope make only that ...
First, comparing his work with tens of thousands of other photographers is very interesting and motivating to improve his own level! Then, the size of the "market" is also very exciting: the whole world!

If you want to see what I do, no problem, go to the sections Microstock and Gallery !

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